School Recognition

Show your community how you’re helping students be more active and do better—in school and in life.

Here’s what it takes to be recognized as an official Presidential Youth Fitness Program school. Once you’ve accomplished the steps below, you’ll be eligible to download the free participation certificate that you can display in your school and share with your community.

Professional Development

Physical educator demonstrates:

  • Knowledge of components of health-related fitness and protocols used for assessment
  • Ability to accommodate all students
  • Appropriate grade-level use of health-related fitness assessment
  • Purpose and use of Healthy Fitness Zone® standards
  • Importance of goal setting and how to develop an appropriate plan for improvement
  • Appropriate communication with parents and students
  • Appropriate use of recognition


Physical educator:

  • Uses FITNESSGRAM® assessment protocols and Healthy Fitness Zone® standards
  • Uses Brockport Physical Fitness Test items as needed
  • Provides instruction on test protocols to include purpose of test, what each test measures, and how information should be applied
  • Provides multiple opportunities to practice before formalized test is conducted
  • Grades K–3: Uses assessment to focus on enjoyment and learning proper technique
  • Grades 4–12: Uses assessment for healthy zone analysis and to develop goals and improvement plan with student
  • Does not assign grades nor evaluate based on FITNESSGRAM® scores
  • Does not publicly post or share student scores


Physical educator:

  • Downloads free school recognition certificate
  • (Optional) Encourages students to achieve their physical activity and/or fitness goal(s) or age/gender-appropriate standard and recognizes students for that achievement

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