Supplemental Professional Development Materials

Amplify your efforts.

You can bring the Presidential Youth Fitness Program to your school at no cost with our free professional development, assessment, and recognition resources.

We also provide supplemental tools, available for a fee, to help you maximize your resources, amplify your efforts, and accelerate your students’ progress toward lifelong health and fitness.

Teaching Tools


Virtual Training

The Success with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program virtual training package includes four online courses for a comprehensive approach to successfully implementing the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Contact hours and CEUs (fee applies) are available for course participation.  The package also includes up to two sets of Physical Best Teacher and Activity Guides, access to a professional learning community, and information to help physical educators identify and secure resources for long-term program sustainability. Course descriptions are as follows:

  • Essentials of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program

    Perfect for those just getting started, this course provides physical educators with the foundational elements needed to successfully implement the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. (Estimated completion time: 2.5 hours)

    Topics include:

    • The role of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program in a quality physical education program
    • Strategies for integrating fitness education and assessment into your existing curriculum (using the Physical Best program model)    
    • The role of fitness assessment in quality physical education (with FITNESSGRAM®)
    • Motivational recognition: Inspiring active living
    • Communication: What students, parents, and administrators need to know about the role of fitness assessment in physical education
  • FITNESSGRAM® Online Course

    Developed by The Cooper Institute®, this free online course is based on the FITNESSGRAM® manual (provided, with purchase of training package) and takes you through the philosophy of the program as well as a thorough treatment of the test protocols. There is an exam at the end of the course with a certificate presented for successful completion. (Estimated completion time: 2.5 hours)

  • Physical Best Gets FITT

    Learn to integrate health-related fitness concepts into your curriculum through developmentally appropriate activities using FITT principles—frequency, intensity, time, and type. Information also provided on how to adapt activities from your existing curriculum to the Physical Best activity format. (Estimated completion time: 2.5 hours)

  • Motivating Students to Become Their Physical Best

    Learn various strategies for motivating youth (K–12) to become physically active. Includes the latest on goal setting, motivation, behavior change, and more. (Estimated completion time: 2.5 hours)

A youth soccer coach gives his team a pep talk.

The courses can be purchased from Human Kinetics (search for PYFP).

In-Person Training

The Essentials of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program in-person training is a full-day (7 hour) training. Like the virtual course option, the in-person training covers all of the foundational elements that will help teachers successfully implement PYFP in their schools. Upon completion, participants will be enrolled in an online learning community, which allows them to connect with other teachers who are implementing PYFP and to foster continued professional development long after the training has ended. Half-day options and support to host a free training are available. Visit the SHAPE America website, call (800) 213-7193 (ext. 412) or email to learn more.