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Get started with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Use these free resources and tools to help you power your students’ health and fitness, support your quality physical education programming, and share your efforts with your community.

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    Let your administrators know you want to bring the Presidential Youth Fitness Program to your school.

    Below, we've written an email with all the information your school’s administration needs. Just copy and paste it into a new message in your email program. Be sure to delete any of the tools and resources that do not apply and sign your name.

    I’m writing because I would like to implement the Presidential Youth Fitness Program at our school.  

    There is solid research indicating the positive connection between physical fitness and academic achievement. Active kids perform better academically, have better attendance, and have higher self-esteem.  

    The Presidential Youth Fitness Program, the only national fitness assessment program, provides the tools and training to help our physical education staff get our kids moving, fit, and started on the path toward a healthy lifestyle.  The end result is healthier students who are ready to learn. The program:

    • Supports current initiatives and programming to help promote health through physical activity and good nutrition, including the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+); Fuel Up to Play 60; Let’s Move! Active Schools; Healthy Schools Program; Coordinated School Health programming; the School Health Index; and HealthierUS Schools
    • Can improve academic outcomes when implemented as part of a comprehensive physical activity program providing students with an opportunity for daily physical activity
    • Includes professional development training that may fulfill some continuing education and certification renewal requirements

    [Note: Delete the following bullets if you are not going to pursue funding to access the program's supplemental resources.]

    • Equips our educators with knowledge, skills, and resources that can help us identify and secure program funding over the long term
    • Includes robust technical support and assistance to help educators and school staff address issues with software, data input, training, and recognition
    • Provides an efficient way to perform evidence-based fitness and physical activity assessments by using FITNESSGRAM®/ACTIVITYGRAM®. The web-based software:
      • Allows for convenient teacher and student access and doesn’t require our school to use our server space to store recorded data
      • Allows campus and district administrators to view de-identified, aggregate data for a class, grade, school, and district
      • Includes reports that can drive instruction, identify student learning outcomes, and engage parents and caregivers

    The physical education staff looks forward to getting started. We just need the green light to do so.


    [Your name]