Get on the fast track to a fit school. Apply to receive the supplemental resources of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

Applications for the Round 3 funding opportunity will be accepted online from Jan. 1 through Feb. 9, 2015. Fuel Up to Play 60 schools have a special opportunity to apply between August 26 and November 5, 2014.

What Is the Presidential Youth Fitness Program Funding Opportunity?

A generous donation of $10 million from the General Mills Foundation (the largest donation in the foundation’s history) has been committed over six years to help implement the Presidential Youth Fitness Program in schools nationwide.

This is a private funding program administered by the AAU, SHAPE America, NFFSN, and The Cooper Institute®, co-sponsors of the PYFP. This is not a government grant program. The availability and administration of this funding opportunity, including the selection of recipients and all other decisions of the funding program, are not endorsed by any federal agency or office. No federal funds are being used in or for the administration or awarding of this private funding opportunity.

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What Does the Funding Cover?

The funding will provide eligible schools with select supplemental resources to support the program’s implementation for three years.

  • Year 1

    • Virtual training and supporting texts: $369
    • Software, FITNESSGRAM® manual, test cadences, tech support, and web hosting: $598 ($399 annual cost + $199 setup)
    • Emblems and certificates: $475

    Year 1 total: $1,442 (value for a school of 500 students with two physical educators)

  • Year 2

    • Virtual training and access to a professional learning community: $178
    • Software, tech support, and web hosting: $149 (annual cost)
    • Emblems and certificates: $475

    Year 2 total: $802

  • Year 3

    • Sustainability webinar and access to a professional learning community: $60
    • Software, tech support, and web hosting: $149 (annual cost)
    • Various recognition items: $100

    Year 3 total: $309

  • Cost to Continue PYFP

    • Professional development: variable
    • Software, tech support, and web hosting: $149 (annual cost)
    • Recognition items: variable

Schools that are selected to receive funding will not receive a check to purchase materials or supplies. Resources will be sent directly to the school from the suppliers. Prices are subject to change.

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What Do Funded Schools Receive?

  • Professional Development for Physical Educators

    • Access to the Success with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program virtual training package
    • Supporting texts
    • Access to a professional learning community
    • Guidance to help secure long-term support for the program
    • Other web-based resources to facilitate successful implementation
  • Assessment

    • FITNESSGRAM® 10 software site license and tech support (view software requirements below). This provides for web-hosted software accessed via the Internet. No software will be mailed to a school to install locally on a computer.
    • Annual access to the FITNESSGRAM® e-manual
    • Test administration videos
    • Cadences for the pacer, push-up, and curl-up tests
    • Annual, secure web hosting of student information and FITNESSGRAM® data by The Cooper Institute®
    • Ability to print or email student FITNESSGRAM® reports
    • Brockport Physical Fitness Test Manual (eBook version) and access to videos (as requested, generally for use with students with disabilities)
    Software Requirements
    • Firefox 2 or 3. (Software does not support Safari, IE10, or Google Chrome.)
    • Connectivity, school use: T1 or fiber optic lines. We highly recommend a fast, secure, and stable connection. Otherwise, the user experience will not be optimal. 
    • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768.
    • Adobe Reader 7 or above: For FITNESSGRAM® reports (generated as PDFs). If you’re using Windows VISTA OS, you’ll need Adobe Reader 9.
  • Recognition

    Schools will receive a quantity of Presidential Youth Fitness Awards to recognize students who achieved the Healthy Fitness Zone® standard in at least five test categories of the FITNESSGRAM® assessment.

    Data indicates that 40 percent (or less) of students achieve the Healthy Fitness Zone® on five or more events. Keep the extras for next year!

What Does the Funding Not Cover?

  • Information Technology Staff

    The funding does not cover staff time required by the school IT department to set up software in Year 1 (2015–2016). Their support is highly encouraged and can lessen time needed to enter student data.

  • Additional Instructional Materials

    The funding does not cover purchase of instructional materials used to conduct the various tests in the FITNESSGRAM® assessment, such as gym mats, cones, scales, a CD player, a stopwatch, a whistle, calipers, masking or athletic tape, and a sit-and-reach box. What is needed depends on the tests administered and preference of the educator.

  • Substitute Teachers

    The funding does not cover costs for substitute teachers while your physical education teacher participates in professional development. Total training time to participate in the virtual course and sustainability webinar offered over the three-year funding period is about eight hours.

  • Project or Grant Manager

    The funding does not cover a project manager or a grant manager.

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